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Success Stories

"Dr. Darko knows the intricacies of each stage of the medical school admissions process. Because of her guidance, I was able to submit an application and enter my interviews with a great sense of preparedness, knowing that the admissions committees were seeing the best representation of me on paper and in person."

- Dr. C. Brown, Child Psychiatrist

“With Dr. Darko's help, I was able to exude confidence during this otherwise stressful process leading to multiple medical school acceptances and ultimately the chance to earn my degree at one of my most desired programs.”

- Dr. J. Richards, Pediatric Resident

"Before even meeting me in person, Dr. Darko made herself available to help me succeed. We researched schools, discussed MCAT strategies, and revised my personal statement countless times. I will always appreciate her dedication."

- Ashley J., 4th Year Medical Student


“The  [Pre-med to Prepared] summit was wonderful. It was so great to have a platform to gather with pre-meds and gain great advice and knowledge from professionals in the field who understand our journeys and sincerely want us to succeed. I’m so great fun do the opportunity to participate. The summit was an absolute success and I can’t wait for more events like this in the future!”

- Stefanie Rimpel

"I thought the event was very helpful especially as an incoming osteopathic medical student. The panel was very inspiring and encouraging and also made me feel that I wouldn't be alone during the beginning of this new chapter of my medical journey. It was very encouraging to hear that help is available , and I could always reach out to any of the panel members for advice and any support. The stories that many of you shared were very inspiring as well. I am very much looking forward to attending more events like these!"

- Anonymous

"The Pre-med to Prepared Summit was absolutely phenomenal! I learned so much information from the event that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Dr. Darko's energy and positivity is infectious! I couldn't help laughing along or smiling throughout. The panelists and guest speakers were so motivating. LOVED the shadowing videos! I really appreciated how welcoming Dr. Darko was and how she encouraged us to ask all sorts of questions."

- Rebecca Song

"I would love to start off my saying that I greatly appreciated the time and commitment that went into putting "The Premed to Prepared" Summit together. I left feeling even more inclined to apply to medical school after my gap year. There are a lot of statistics online that can make this path seem daunting -- discouraging many individuals who are underrepresented in medicine to apply. However, throughout the weekend seeing so many underrepresented doctors who have walked this path before me allowed me to see myself which is something that I have not seen. Being exposed to medical schools, advisors and resource programs that are committed to increasing diversity in medicine, I am assured that I will be a doctor. The MCAT strategy session was one of my favorite events because of the interactive nature and I learned so much about how to take the test; not just study for it ! I came premed but I'm leaving prepared!"

 - Alexis Lauren Robinson

“Overall, I can say that this summit exceeded my expectations. The wealth of information received during the summit was priceless. Similar events are hard to come by and students may not get the same experiences/information that we received ALL FOR FREE.


I loved getting to speak with doctors and mentors in small group sessions, the motivational talk by Dr. Tomi, getting details from the scholarship consultant on how to look for and apply for scholarships, receiving information from the branding consultant on how to advocate for yourself during the application cycle, the tours, shadowing opportunities, the talk on learning disabilities was eye-opening for me, and hearing from students from different DO schools, and so much more. It was great to see DO students who were happy about being at their prospective schools and about potentially becoming DOs. I also loved seeing MDs at the summit as well. I loved my experience and look forward to future events.

- Stacey Ikeh


“I can't emphasize this enough: this was the most comprehensive event for premeds I've ever attended. Within one weekend, I definitely walked away feeling "prepared" as the title of the summit alludes to. Prepared to apply to medical school and succeed with the tools & knowledge gained from this event.


This summit touched on everything that premeds need to know and do to apply and succeed not only as a premed student but as a medical student and future doctor. From how to finance med school and the application process, having the mindset of a top-choice applicant, and tackling the MCAT to branding one's self, standing out as an applicant, and winning one of the Q-bank giveaways!


I almost didn't attend this event, because it coincided with another event. I'm so grateful that I made it to this event! Every speaker shared something new with me that I didn't know before even though I've attended so many other premed conferences. Each day built on the previous day's lessons & wisdoms and the last day was an absolute ball drop in terms of takeaways. All of these gems couldn't have come at a better time.


This was divinely planted in my journey to medicine. I'm very thankful for all who took part in making this event happen. This was hands down a very impactful event.”

- Logain

"I thought this event was very helpful and right on time! This event gave me a very much-needed outlook on the life of a D.O. I've always known I wanted to pursue a career in holistic medicine, but I didn't quite know what it would look like. I had the goal, but I couldn't see the vision. After attending Sistahs in Medicine I was able to gain valuable connections and insight on the steps I need to take to pursue a career in my field of interest. Thank you!"

- Nya Brown

Spelman C'23

“I really enjoyed the summit, and I learned a lot throughout the event. Thank you for organizing amazing conferences for all of us, Dr. Darko. I really enjoyed your sense of humor throughout the entire conference.”

- Minh Pham


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