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Pre-med? You came to the right place!

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Welcome to the first post of the Pre-med Strategies Blog! I don’t know how you landed here. Whether it was through word of mouth, a search engine,social media, I’m glad you’re here. I’m Renée Volny Darko, a practicing OB/GYN physician with a genuine interest in helping pre-meds achieve their dream of becoming a doctor.

I was once a pre-med, just like you. For a long time, I had very little guidance or direction on how to get to medical school. Eventually, I got some help from a mentor who asked only one thing in return – that I help others behind me. With over 10 years of helping lots of pre-med students with applications, personal statements, and all types of advice, I realized that a major difference between pre-meds who were accepted to med school and those who weren’t didn’t just boil down to grades and MCAT scores…

Strategy made a difference! No doubt, grades and MCAT scores are important; but without a well-devised strategy, some pre-meds, unfortunately, blow their chances of ever becoming a doctor.

So, I created Pre-med Strategies, Inc. (PSI) to help pre-meds take a more strategic approach to preparing for and applying to medical school. There’s more to getting into medical school than just submitting an application. Through this blog, you’ll get the strategies and tools that every pre-med needs to succeed. More than just words, I want you to be inspired and envision yourself as Dr. (insert last name) in the near future.

You came to the right place, so come on back regularly for some great preparation and application strategies for pre-meds! Don’t just apply! Strategize!

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