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A book for kids,parents,

and pre-meds!

 How Good Ol' Dr. V Came To Be 

Amazon #1 New Release & Best Seller

by Dr. Renée Volny Darko
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I have a question, a question for you! How do doctors become what they do?

Do you want to know how you can become a doctor? Well, here is the story of how good ol’ Dr. V made her childhood dream to become a doctor a reality. She had to work really hard in school. Sometimes it wasn’t easy, but the more she tried, the more she learned.

Learn how good ol’ Dr. V also asked for help along the way, because people need help to reach their goals. With time and patience, she finally achieved her goal and became good ol’ Dr. V. Now, she takes good care of children just like you. If she can do it, then so can you!





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The Story Behind The Story 

When asked by her father what she wanted to be when she grew up, three-year-old Renée said she wanted to be a nurse. When her father asked, “Why not a doctor?”, she answered, “Girls can’t be doctors!” After her father told her that girls can be doctors, she shifted gears quickly. “Okay! I want to be a doctor!” And so, it began.


But, that was easier said than done. College was more challenging than she thought, but Renée finally graduated. Then, she spent a few more years trying hard and learning even more. She even worked as a tutor and high school science teacher before going to medical school. Renée entered medical school wanting to be a pediatrician, but changed her mind and is now an obstetrician-gynecologist. Dr. Renée delivers babies! She also helps students who want to become doctors, too! 

Want to get into med school?

You need a strategy!

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