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"I need someone to walk me through this step-by-step."

The above quote is from a pre-med getting ready to apply to medical school. Being familiar with the medical school application process is one thing. Knowing what it takes to turn an application into an acceptance letter is another. 


The Applied to Accepted Coaching Program (A2A) is a 5-day concentrated hands-on online group program focused on walking you through the application process and providing support and guidance every step of the way. During the program, participants actively work on articulating their inspiration for going into medicine and their philosophy behind being a physician. Learn how to approach academic blemishes or other challenges in the personal statement and medical school interviews. 

Sessions are LIVE and online with Dr. Darko and her team of doctors, medical students, and other team members who will walk you through the process. Up to 6 students per session will be accepted into the program. A2A's goal is that each applicant hits submit on the centralized application at the end of the program and turns their applications into acceptances.

Here's what you get:

  • 15+ hours of LIVE online coaching modules over 5 days

  • Access to Dr. Darko's team of doctors and medical students

  • Assistance with AMCAS or AACOMAS application

  • Assistance with choosing schools to submit applications

  • 3 revisions of the personal statement up to 1 week after the program

  • Mock medical school interviews with feedback and video playback

  • Secondary application strategies

  • Direct access to Dr. Darko and her team via an online classroom

  • And more!



  • The cost of applying

  • Application timeline 102: An in-depth look

  • Intro to the centralized applications: AMCAS & AACOMAS

  • Choosing the right schools: MSAR and CIB


  • Collecting reference letters that make you shine

  • Making your extra-curricular activities work for you

  • Developing a career philosophy

  • Write a personal statement they'll never forget


  • Secondary application strategies

  • Staying professional during the post-secondary application waiting period

  • Pre-interview game plan: Preparing for your best


  • Interview game plan: Staying in the zone

  • Post-interview game plan: Dos and don'ts of follow-up

  • Accepted, rejected, wait-listed


  • Mock interview hot seat

  • Personal strategy sessions


premed mentor strategist coach

Dr. Renée

The Pre-med Strategist


I'm Dr. Renée Volny Darko. If you are a non-traditional  pre-med wanting to make the right moves towards getting into medical school, you've come to the right place! My programs are designed to prepare you to successfully apply to medical school through support, confidence building, goal-setting, and strategy. I work with you to follow a system that keeps you accountable, helps you make strategic moves, and transforms you into an applicant that medical school want!



for the class entering 2021

Up to 6 students accepted per session


You can get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. Click APPLY NOW.

  2. Submit the program application.

  3. Schedule your pre-enrollment session!


You are applying or reapplying to medical school this year

You want your application to rise to the top


You are concerned about how to address academic challenges on your application

You want your personal statement and secondary essays to shine

You want to rock your medical school interviews


You want to get stellar letters of recommendations 


You want to get into medical school!


Enrollment in to A2A is by invitation only.  Space is limited in this intensive program. The program is limited to 6 participants per session. My coaching programs require that participants are actively working towards making themselves attractive medical school applicants. I work with pre-meds who have academic blemishes and other obstacles that make getting into medical school seem daunting. So, you don't have to be perfect, just motivated, and ready to take action!

After completing the application, you will be prompted to make a phone appointment to review your application. During the appointment we will determine if you are a good fit for the program. Selected applicants will be invited to enroll at the time of the call. If you are not selected to enroll into the program, you may be invited to  participate in other appropriate webinars and courses.

The key to successful coaching is a motivated and action-oriented participant. My ultimate goal is to transform you into a truly prepared applicant that will successfully apply to medical school!


A map only tells you it's possible to get there, not how to navigate the bumps in the road.

Studies show that coaching programs are effective in facilitating goal achievement, especially for those seeking to develop their careers. Coaching can even be effective for those who already have mentors. Like a sports coach or personal trainer, a coach pushes you to your fullest potential by helping you to identify your challenges, offering solutions, then holding you accountable for executing actions towards your success. 



You can get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. Click APPLY NOW.

  2. Submit the program application.

  3. Schedule your pre-enrollment session!

Isn't applying to medical school like applying to college?

Nooooo! That is one of the biggest myths and mistakes that pre-meds make - approaching medical school like college. Chances are that if you apply to enough colleges, you will get in somewhere. This is not the case with medical schools. Less than 40% of applicants have been accepted to medical school in some years, and the number of medical school applications is on the rise. It is becoming more difficult to get into medical school, so having a solid strategy, especially as a non-traditional pre-med, is essential.

Is the coaching program affordable?

Absolutely! I remember being a pre-med with lots of financial responsibilities and a limited income. Applying to medical school can be expensive, and an investment in my programs helps you to get it right the first time. I also offer payment plans where possible and have made the investment in my programs comparable to those of an MCAT review course.

Is A2A only for non-traditional pre-meds?

A2A is for all pre-meds, traditional or non-traditional.

What if I don't get into medical school?

This is a real concern. Just like no MCAT course can guarantee that you will get a perfect score, no program can guarantee you an acceptance into medical school. I can't do the work for you, but you should not have to do this alone. If after successful completion of every part of my program from start to finish, you don't get in, I will meet with you to review your case and formulate a new strategy.


I have a mentor.

I actually encourage all the students that I work with to have mentors. I have been and continue to be a mentor, but my mentoring relationships require a set of skills, time commitment, and responsibilities which are very different from my coaching interactions. Studies have shown that coaching is beneficial even for people who are already in mentoring relationships.

I'm applying in 1-2 years.

The Applied to Accepted program is designed to help those who are applying to medical school this upcoming cycle. If you plan to apply in 1-2 years, you might be interested in my other programs

I'm not sure if I'm ready.

I work with pre-meds who are truly motivated and ready to take action. You must be someone who is proactive in your pursuit of a medical career and willing to get critical, but constructive feedback. If this is you, then you are ready to pursue your dream.

My spouse is not on board.

Spousal support will be incredibly important now and throughout your medical career due to the enormous sacrifice of time and money it takes to become a doctor. It can be difficult for a spouse to see the benefits of this type of program or even an MCAT review course at first. But, when you become a more confident and prepared applicant, it actually increases your chances of getting into medical school. 

I'm way too busy!

I get it! As a non-traditional pre-med, I worked 4 part-time jobs while taking post-bac courses. I was always busy! Being busy made me more conscious of how I spent my time and that's when I developed my strategies to get into medical school. With limited time and resources, I became more efficient. My program will help you to use your time and other resources more wisely.


Application fee is just $97

(paid upon scheduling of pre-enrollment session and

applied to the cost of the program upon enrollment)


Upon invitation to enroll:

Down payment of $300 will reserve your spot

Then $697 upon starting the program


Enrollment is limited to 6 participants per session.



You can get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. Click APPLY NOW.

  2. Submit the program application.

  3. Schedule your pre-enrollment session!

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