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Over 15 Years of Empowering Pre-meds

My Story


Hello future doc! I'm Dr. Renée Volny Darko. I'm an obstetrician/gynecologist. When I'm not delivering babies or doing surgery, I specialize in empowering pre-meds with strategies to optimize their chances of getting into medical school! 

After more than 15 years of working one-on-one with pre-meds, I created Pre-med Strategies, Inc. because I realized that the difference between pre-meds who are accepted into med school and those who are not boils down to one word... STRATEGY!

I was a non-traditional pre-med student upon applying to medical school. After graduating from college, I took post-baccalaureate courses and worked various jobs including high school science teacher. So, I'm an educator at heart.

Determined to get into medical school on the first try, I developed a successful strategy and was accepted to both MD and DO medical schools. For over 15  years, I've helped many pre-meds develop strategies to help in their pursuit of entering medical school.


As a medical student, I served as the National Pre-medical Board Member (PmBM) and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Student National Medical Association.  As PmBM, I organized a forum attended by over 400 pre-med students. I have presented countless workshops for pre-med students with an array of topics on how to become a doctor.   

I graduated with dual degrees - a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences and a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Leadership from Rockhurst University.


I am also a mentor in the Tour for Diversity in Medicine, an initiative which continues to help URM pre-meds nationwide. 


I work in rural and underserved communities, do medical missions in Ghana, and write freelance to address health policy issues and women's health disparities. My commitment to diversity in medicine is the motivation behind PSI's mission to increase the number of successful medical school applicants!

I'm passionate about what I do... Let me help you pursue your passion!

Renee Darko Pre-med mentor strategist coach
Dr. Renée Volny Darko
The Pre-med Strategist
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Is note-taking hurting your learning?

Is note-taking hurting your learning?

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How do I go about shadowing a doctor?

How do I go about shadowing a doctor?

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How does being on call work??.

How does being on call work??.

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"Dr. Darko knows the intricacies of each stage of the medical school admissions process.  

Because of her guidance, I was able to submit an application and enter my interviews with a great sense of preparedness,   knowing that the admissions committees were seeing the best representation of me on paper and in person."

Dr. C. Brown, Child Psychiatrist

“With Dr. Darko's help, I was able to exude confidence during this otherwise stressful process leading to multiple medical school acceptances and ultimately the chance to earn my degree at one of my most desired programs.”

Dr. J. Richards, Pediatric Resident

"Before even meeting me in person, Dr. Darko made herself available to help me succeed. We researched schools, discussed MCAT strategies, and revised my personal statement countless times. I will always appreciate her dedication."

Ashley J., 2nd Year Med Student

Success Stories
Coaching Programs


Follow my PROVEN System to Transform into Medical Schools' Next Top-Choice Applicant 


I work with action-oriented, highly motivated non-traditional pre-meds.  My coaching programs are designed to address the major reasons that pre-meds reach out to me:


1) You have low grades and low MCAT scores, and you want to regain your confidence and stop questioning whether or not this path is for you. 

2) You need an accountability partner and sounding board to assure that the decisions you are making get you closer to medical school.  

3) You're ready to apply to med school, but you don't know how to make your application rise to the top.

4) You need someone who will walk you step by step through the medical school application process to ensure that you present yourself as the most competitive applicant you can be.

5) You've previously applied to medical school and gotten rejected. 

medical school coaching consulting

Take the fast track to developing the essential skills that you need to become an applicant that med schools want. 

Book me


Is your pre-med group struggling to navigate this complex journey of getting into medical school?

Are you unsure about the steps you should be taking?

Are you afraid that you're missing vital information that might actual help you get into medical school?

Book me as a speaker for your group to discuss how you all can get on the right track. We'll discuss the obstacles that many pre-meds need to overcome as well as hidden opportunities pre-meds should know. At the end of the session, your group will be more connected, more resourced, and more medical-school ready!


  • Group must be affiliated with a college/university

  • Students will be invited to enroll in the MEdEq program during the session.

Got a question? Shoot me a text!

I'll answer it on my podcast.

Join me online for

free strategies!

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